Water Penis Pump penis enlargement ,male enhancement hydrotherapy ,Penis extender proextender with Spa ,Penis pro Extender sexy

Water Penis Pump penis enlargement ,male enhancement hydrotherapy ,Penis extender proextender with Spa ,Penis pro Extender sexy
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Oписание продукта

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1 large M20 lock glans is the largest type of lock used on the stretch head, he is not a high-tech products, in fact, 304 stainless steel clip, but the market is generally not buy this model, even there is also the price can not buy. We are in accordance with the design specifications drawn specifically to the manufacturers directly ordered a model. His performance is better than plastic and so on.

2,304 physiotherapy steel ring, steel ring welded using TIG technology , steel round and flat, not feel discomfort during use.

3, using cotton penis sheath, will feel more comfortable to use.

4, plus alcohol disinfection tablets, disinfectant anywhere.


1. a stainless steel lock glans.

2.the magnetic attraction steel ring 12, an inner diameter of 36mm, outside diameter 52mm, weight 60g, the total length of 100mm.

3. disinfectant alcohol 12.

4.Cotton glans locking sleeve 2.

5. the total weight of 970 grams.


Tip: Try to use penis rest because erection time use can lead to lock sliding down!

1, physiotherapy collar on the penis (most started using three rings, step by step, every other week increased after one ring).

2, the locks on the glans Coronal (move back the foreskin, exposing the crown, and then lock the fork and lock separately, first fork in the side of the penis to wear a crown, and then the rest of the lock body that is connected with the fork can).

3, the foreskin is longer if the first lock put on the jacket and then lock the glans will be more comfortable.

Penis sheaths: Taking into account the use of the glans locks will feel cold or uncomfortable, you can tie the jacket will feel better (penis sheath must not be used).


Time requirements:

1, the proposed stretch once a day, the first stretches for half an hour a month to exercise cycle interval of 10 days.

2. Do not rush to increase physical therapy ring, advice from three starts each cycle adding a ring or therapy does not increase, not reluctantly, to be a matter of course


1, the first time less than half an hour if you insist on stretching, it is necessary to reduce the physiotherapy ring until the appropriate date.

2, the foreskin is too long to pay attention not to the glans foreskin locks on, otherwise it will pack Pilar longer, be sure to lock Coronal, once the long penis, the foreskin will be shortened, work times to achieve what effect .