1pc Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Filter For Ridgid VF5000 3 Layer Pleated Paper Vacuum Filter Accessories

1pc Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Filter For Ridgid VF5000 3 Layer Pleated Paper Vacuum Filter Accessories
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   Scan the surrounding, intelligent planning path, memory family layout, clean up every corner.
   WIFI connected phone, regular start, home office automatic cleaning, automatic charging.
   V-type floating roller brush.
   2000Pa ultra strong suction, brushless motor, the noise is less than 55db.
   Intelligent identification of carpet ,automatic pressurized cleaning
   480ML dust box, double filter system, effective filter dust, mites and clean air.
   150ML water tank, and even penetrate into the ultra-fine fiber mop.
   5200mAh long life lithium battery, can clean 240 square meters of the environment.
☆   Over 2cm obstacles easily 
   96mm ultra-thin design, robot vacuum cleaner work in a narrow space.
☆   Filter can still maintain 95% of the filter performance after use for one year. dust box directly washed with water, get a new look once again 

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more intelligent
Sweeping and mopping integration / Planned zone cleaning /  Super clean performance / Sensor upgrade


4 categories,all-round upgrade,make roborock more powerful
①Sweeping and mopping integration ,more clean
②Planned zone cleaning ,more intelligent
③Cross the barrier ,so easy
④Sensor upgrade ,more sensitive


Sweeping and mopping integration,more clean
Roborock robot vacuum cleaner using integration design,
Sweeping and mopping integration make you house more clean
Plant bionic water tank, with ultra-fine fiber mop, let home cleaning easier, the ground cleaner


Plant bionic wet mopping system
Uniform yielding water, no seepage when it stop clean
The new design of plant bionic wet mopping system, the filter for the root, mop for the leaves,
as if it has life that can control the water yield, continued wet mopping 45-60 minutes.
Uniform yielding water when it clean,   automatically stop overflowing if it stop clean 


Plant bionic cellulose tube filter
     Stable yielding water |   Filters impurities
Plant bionic tube bundle High-precision water tank filter for connecting water tank and mop.
Based on the capillary principle,
the filter automatically absorbs the tow to maintain sufficient water content at the same time,
while filtering the impurities in the water to avoid the traditional water tank outlet blocking
so that it can not be used.  Modular design,  disassembly and replacement is very convenient.


Full fit
Mop fully laminate ground
Junction between mop and water tank , using the largest edge of the paste design,
mop all the way closely fit the water tank, process of drag  will not occur problem that affect  the normal using ,
for example ,mop edge curling,  the actual mop area reduce


Water tank that use easily |   High-speed installed without flip 
Plant bionic tank installation using a drawer-type disassembly design,
towing the water tank into the bottom of the machine can be installed in place,
without turning the machine to install.fast and convenient


Laser distance scanning
Full coverage does not leak
With high precision LDS laser distance sensor, scanning the room with speed of 5 * 360 ° every second ,
after it obtain the distance information ,through the industry-leading SLAM algorithm real-time building room map ,
Planning the sweep line that firstly along the room side then the Z-shaped ,
complete the cleaning task efficiently and not omit every place


Customize the cleaning area as you wish
Whether you want to clean a single room, all the bedrooms, or a small area,
you only need  to drag the scan box on the phone map, a key to clean the set area.


No matter where you select it will go ,which means it operate as simple as a game
Touch the phone map to issue instructions, the robot can travel to the target point,
and the way will automatically plan the route to avoid the front obstacles.
No map? Just set a target point, the robot will plan the route in the process of building real-time map.


Vacuum tornado three - dimensional cleaning system
Powerful high static pressure fan, like tornado-like suction, floating main brush fit the ground,
smooth seal duct design guarantee suction without loss, at the same time with the edge brush sweep,
roll brush vertical volume depth clean floor, floor tiles dust.
Even if walking barefoot on the ground, nor the slightest dust and grainy.


Off-road special forces in robot vacuum cleaner,2cm obstacles easily over
Nothing can stop my longing for clean
* Affected by the ground material, the height of the barrier according to the specific circumstances of change
* A water tank may slightly degrade obstacle performance


Intelligent identification of carpet,automatic pressurized cleaning
The robot automatically recognizes the carpet and opens the maximum suction force to clean the carpet and automatically returns to normal suction after leaving the carpet.
* Carpet boost mode needs to be opened on APP


The filter can be washed   
E11 grade filter substrate coated with waterproof Teflon, used for 1 year with normal washing ,it maintain 95% filtration performance. gray dusty dust box directly rinse with water, it will become clean like new
* Normal washing frequency is washed once a week, do not scrub


Three anti hair design
Eliminate trouble that hair winding stuck motor   The main brush, edge brush,
caster are anti-hair design, to prevent the hair into the bearing card dead motor,
stuck for a long time may cause the motor overheating damage,
more birds knife random storage. It is easy to store and clean hair.


Noise reduction design
Cleaning more quiet
Fully fit and closed silencer cotton with special porous air sieve noise reduction, cleaning more quiet





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