Mastech MS8229 Auto Range 5 In 1 Multi functional Digital Multimeter AC DC Voltage Current Capacitance Frequency Humidity

Mastech MS8229 Auto Range 5 In 1 Multi functional Digital Multimeter AC DC Voltage Current Capacitance Frequency Humidity
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 2017 New
LCR Tester Handheld Autorange  rofessional Auto Range Digital LCR Meter Inductance Capacitance Resistance Tester 
Mastech MS5308

This MS5308 LCR digital bridge meter is a professional instrument for measuring inductance, capacitance and resistance. It has many features, such as automatic identification, automatic measurement range, high measurement accuracy and speed, wide measuring range and so on.
An ordinary multimeter only provides DC mode for resistance measurement, while this MS5308 provides both AC and DC measurement modes. A variety of test frequencies up to 100Khz can be provided for inductance, capacitance and resistance in AC mode to meet the actual needs better.

Auto LCR smart check and measurement
19,999/1,999 dual LCD display
Series/Parallel modes are selectable
LsLp/Cs/Cp with D/Q//ESR parameters
Support DCR mode
Five different test frequency are available

100/120/1k/10k/100k Hz
Test rang( ex.F=1K Hz)
L: 200uH~~2000H
Power Supply:1.5×8 AA battery and 1×1604A6LR6(9V) (not included)
Dimension: 224mm×172mm×59mm 

Resistance Measurement Capacitance Measurement Inductance Measurement
100Hz/120 Hz 200.00 0.01 1.0%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 20.000nF 1pF 1.0%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 20.000mH 1uH 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120 Hz 2.0000K 0.1 0.3%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 200.00nF 0.01nF 0.5%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 200.00mH 0.01mH 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120 Hz 20.000K 1 0.3%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 2000.0nF 0.1nF 0.5%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 2000.0mH 0.1mH 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120 Hz 200.00K 0.01k 0.5%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 20.000uF 1nF 0.5%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 20.000H 1mH 0.5%+5d
100Hz/120 Hz 2.0000M 0.1k 1.0%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 200.00uF 0.01uF 1.0%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 200.00H 0.01H 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120 Hz 20.000M 1k 1.0%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 2000.0uF 0.1uF 2.0%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 2000.0H 0.1H 1.0%+5d
100Hz/120 Hz 200.00M 0.1M 2.0%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 20.00mF 0.1mF 2.0%+5d 100Hz/120 Hz 20.000kH 1H 2.0%+5d
1kHz 20.000 0.001 1.0%+5d 1kHz 2000.0pF 0.1pF 1.0%+5d 1kHz 2000.0uH 0.1uH 1.0%+5d
1kHz 200.00 0.01 0.3%+5d 1kHz 20.000nF 1pF 1.0%+5d 1kHz 20.000mH 1uH 0.5%+5d
1kHz 2.0000K 0.1 0.3%+5d 1kHz 200.00nF 0.01nF 0.5%+5d 1kHz 200.00mH 0.01mH 0.5%+5d
1kHz 20.000K 1 0.3%+5d 1kHz 2000.0nF 0.1nF 0.5%+5d 1kHz 2000.0mH 0.1mH 1.0%+5d
1kHz 200.00K 0.01k 0.5%+5d 1kHz 20.000uF 1nF 0.5%+5d 1kHz 20.000H 1mH 1.0%+5d
1kHz 2.0000M 0.1k 1.0%+5d 1kHz 200.00uF 0.01uF 1.0%+5d 1kHz 200.00H 0.01H 2.0%+5d
1kHz 20.000M 1k 2.0%+5d 1kHz 2000.0uF 0.1uF 1.0%+5d 1kHz 2000.0H 0.1H 5.0%+5d
1kHz 200.0M 0.1M 5.0%+5d 10kHz 200.00 pF 0.01pF 1.0%+5d 10kHz 200.00 uH 0.01uH 1.0%+5d
10kHz 20.000 0.001 1.0%+5d 10kHz 2000.0pF 0.1pF 1.0%+5d 10kHz 2000.0uH 0.1uH 0.5%+5d
10kHz 200.00 0.01 0.5%+5d 10kHz 20.000nF 1pF 1.0%+5d 10kHz 20.000mH 1uH 0.5%+5d
10kHz 2.0000K 0.1 0.3%+5d 10kHz 200.00nF 0.01nF 1.5%+5d 10kHz 200.00mH 0.01mH 1.5%+5d
10kHz 20.000K 1 0.5%+5d 10kHz 2000.0nF 0.1nF 2.0%+5d 10kHz 2000.0mH 0.1mH 2.0%+5d
10kHz 200.00K 0.01k 1.0%+5d 100kHz 200.00 pF 0.01pF 2.0%+5d 10kHz 20.000H 0.001H 5.0%+5d
100kHz 20.000 0.001 1.0%+5d 100kHz 2000.0pF 0.1pF 1.0%+5d 100kHz 20.000 uH 0.001uH 1.0%+5d
100kHz 200.00 0.01 1.0%+5d 100kHz 20.000nF 1pF 2.0%+5d 100kHz 200.00 uH 0.01uH 2.0%+5d
100kHz 2.0000K 0.1 1.0%+5d 100kHz 200.00nF 0.01nF 5.0%+5d 100kHz 2000.0uH 0.1uH 2.0%+5d
100kHz 20.000K 1 2.0%+5d         100kHz 20.000mH 1uH 2.0%+5d
                100kHz 200.00mH 0.01mH 5.0%+5d
Special Functions
Auto LCR smart check and measurement
Dual display, 20000 counts and 2000 counts
Series and Parallel measurement mode are selectable
Support DCR mode
General Characteristic
Power Supply: 8×1.5 AA Batteries & 1×9V 6LR6
Product Size: 224mm×172mm×59mm

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